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CZPT -high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a linear polyethylene with an average molecular weight of more than 1.5 million. UHMW-PE because of its very high molecular weight (ordinary polyethylene for 20-300,000), with ordinary polyethylene and other CZPT plastics incomparable comprehensive performance:
1) CZPT wear resistance, 4 times higher than nylon 66 and polytetrafluoroethylene, 6 times higher than carbon steel, is currently the best among all synthetic resins.
2) The impact strength is very high, which is twice that of polycarbonate and five times that of ABS, and it can maintain high toughness at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196ÂșC).
3) good self-lubrication, its self-lubrication is comparable to PTFE, friction coefficient is only 0.07-0.11; Only 1/3-1/4 of the friction coefficient of steel.
4) The impact energy absorption value is the highest among all plastics, and the noise reduction effect is very good.
5) high chemical stability, in a certain temperature and concentration range can resist the action of a variety of corrosive media and organic media.
6) Extremely strong adhesion resistance, CZPT only to “plastic king” polytetrafluoroethylene.
7) completely healthy CZPT -toxic, can be used to contact food and medicine.
8) The density is the smallest among all CZPT plastics, 56% lighter than PTFE, 22% lighter than polycarbonate; 1/8 of the density of steel, and so on
Our company uses the molecular weight of more than 5 million raw materials production, due to the above excellent comprehensive performance, UHMW-PE is called by the CZPT pean countries “amazing plastic” and attention, in many industries have been widely used.


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