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Nylon Gear racks
Gear made of CZPT plastic material to CZPT er specifications can be promptly furnished. Nylon, POM
Offer a refinement over spur gears.

Helical Gears are used to accommodate applications involving high speeds, large CZPT transmission or where noise reduction is important. In addition CZPT cal gears allow for additional design flexibility as the rotating shafts do not have to be parallel.

Characteristic: CZPT life, CZPT s and corrosion resistance, reduce noise and vibration, light weight, low cost, easily molded to CZPT shapes, excellent lubricity, high load capacity

Material: Gears made of CZPT plastic materials to CZPT er specifications can be promptly furnished. Nylon, POM, PA, PE and PP are CZPT .

Color: CZPT or on CZPT basis

Specifications: Providing all kinds of gears according to CZPT er’s drawings and samples.

Application: CZPT Plants, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, CZPT Industry, CZPT motive, CZPT ation, Textile industry, Aerospace, CZPT Devices

Nylon Gear Rack

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